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Brenda J. Yates, President
Yates & Company, LLC
255 Alhambra Circle
Suite 1160
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305-446-0406 Office
786-258-6500 Cell

Yates & Company, LLC provides Planning and Project Management services for financial institutions, land owners, builders, and developers throughout the State of Florida, specializing in large scale mixed-use developments and complex approval processes. With over 20 years experience, our team manages all aspects of a project, from the initial site evaluation and project design through the master planning, permitting, and management of the final constructed project.   

To assist in the evaluation of your site, Yates & Company will prepare a Comprehensive Due Diligence Analysis summarizing the property’s characteristics, entitlements, permits, infrastructure and financial needs. With the expert knowledge of local planning and zoning procedures, we can identify the steps necessary to achieve the best use for the property.We understand the development process and will coordinate the project consultants through the land approval and permitting process to achieve the client’s goals in a cost effective and time efficient manner and ensure that projects are delivered on-time. 

Yates & Company can provide support for the project’s financial needs through the approval schedule, development timeline, cash flow budget and proforma production. Coordination of the formation of Community Development Districts, Property Management Associations, Home Owner Associations and Architectural Control Boards can be provided.

In addition to the private industry, Yates & Company provides Development Consulting services to governmental agencies by coordinating homeowners, businessowners and professionals on local projects, ie. Town Center Development, Affordable Housing Site Programming, Land Development Code Review, Green Task Force Initiatives. As a 10-year City Planning & Zoning Board member, Brenda Yates recognizes the internal complexities of the land use and zoning regulations and their relationship to other local, regional and state planning agencies.

Current Affiliations:
American Institute of Certified Planners                    Certified Planner
LEED for Neighborhood Development                     Corresponding Committee
American Planning Association                                 Member
U.S. Green Building Council                                     Past Member
City of South Miami Planning & Zoning Board        Past Chair Woman
City of South Miami Green Task Force                     Past Member
National Association of Realtors                               Member
Florida Division of Real Estate                                  Broker
Miramar Cultural Trust Board                                   Past Vice President/Board Member